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Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner

Race Team Coaches' Corner

The Use of Crash Helmets

The use of crash helmets is compulsory for all events. Only helmets are permitted whose shell and padding cover the head and ears. The National Ski Associations are advised to provide their teams only with crash helmets which satisfy the minimum requirements for the respective event and which have been certified by recognized institutes.

Helmets with spoilers or edges that protrude are not permitted. Certain helmets must show a smooth top surface for safety reasons. Helmets used in FIS Snowsports shall be specifically designed and manufactured for the respective discipline and shall bear a CE mark and conform to recognized and appropriate standards such as CEE 1077 or US 2040, ASTM F2040, SNELL S98 or RS 98, etc. Soft ear protections are only allowed for SL events.

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Nancy Greene Coaches' Corner

Suggested activities for the different Nancy Greene/Snow Stars levels

Alpine Canada and Alpine Saskatchewan supports the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation (CSCF) pathway. As such, Sask Alpine organizes CSCF Entry Level courses and subsidizes attendance for coaches to take these courses.  Watch the Calendar for clinic opportunities.


Alpine Saskatchewan also recommends that coaches consider a Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA) Level 1 course. This is to create a 'more rounded' coaching background.